Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live Review: Contamination (1980)

Here's my review for Luigi Cozzi's sci-fi splatterfest, CONTAMINATION.

New intro theme by Idaho's greatest Metal band--Sonic Devastation


  1. Hey Rev. That's a really cool review. Of course, I always enjoy your reviews. I've never seen this movie. I'm not always a big fan of science fiction unless it has more of a horror angle to it. This sounds like a pretty interesting movie. I saw that it is on Netflix so I'm adding it to my queue.

  2. Thanx, Keith. I always appreciate that you check out these reviews.

    Hopefully you don't have to wait as long as I did to get Contamination from Netflix--it was #1 on my queue for 2 MONTHS!

  3. Great review as always Rev. I always love your live reviews, but this one was expecially great seeing as I've actually seen this one. My friend Fran loaned it to me some months ago.

    This film is just what youj say it is...b-movie gold. I do tend to like me a spot of sci fi now and then, and couple that with the general flavor of this film, and I am entertained.

    Also I'd just like to say I had to stop the review to laugh at the Joe Don Baker joke. It really hit the spot. I would really like to see that Star Wars knock off that Cozzi did. That looks quite good.

  4. I will take a tall latte, hold the foam, extra alien egg, and I will like it!

  5. Bugg - I'm gald you enjoyed it and I'm glad you got the Joe Don Baker reference...I figured most probably wouldn't.

    STARCRASH is something else. The current DVD looks like crap, but I hear there's plan for a better quality re-release in the near future.

    Miss Directed - Oh yes, you will like it---consume! Consume! Consume! bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

    Seriously, thanx for checking out the review 'and' commenting...my ego is fed.

  6. Actually I don't have a podcast...wish I did.

    Your page is quite impressive, I added myself as a follower. I'm diggin the Death Wish 2 soundtrack.

  7. Okay, I just saw Nigel's comment to you on Blogcatalog.

    Actually my vids are more of a narrated slideshow than a podcast...but very close differneces I suppose.

  8. I have this thing under the Alien Contamination label in a Mill Creek box set. I hadn't given it high priority until you reminded me that it's from the director of Starcrash. Once upon a time you could see that one on free TV pretty frequently. If Contamination approaches it it's definitely worth a look after I come back from getting my venti latte.