Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Midnight Confessions Podcast: Episode 7 [The devil and his fondness for pubescent boys]

This week Rev. Phantom and Fred The Wolf review 976-EVIL (1988) and EVILSPEAK (1981). Listen to this episode or face the blade of Father Esteban!

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  1. Great Show. Yeah 976-Evil is bad. 976-Evil 2 is way better even though the only link is the actor who played Spike is in it and there's the evil phoneline. It has a completely different tone since well it's directed by Jim Wynorski and this is a great Wynorski effort.
    There's a great scene which I call, "The Public Domain Battle" where 2 characters are fighting over the remote in order to watch It's a Wonderful Life (which was public domain title back then) and Night of the Living Dead (which still for the most part is, but the Fangoria Dr. Cyclops reviewer for the flick got his panties in a bunch over the scene). The not the main character gets the phone call/falls asleep and gets into the movie It's a Wonderful Life during the Aulde Lang Ending. All the characters in front of the Christmas Tree quit singing to George Baily and turn around and are all Romero zombies and attack the girl. It's really quite impressive considering the budget and worth the checking out.